Right after high school, Ryan enrolled in a one-year carpentry trade school, followed by a four-year apprenticeship. It was during this apprenticeship that Ryan got hired on by Mortenson, who he was employed by for six years. During his time with Mortenson, Ryan became a journeyman carpenter and got the opportunity to work practically every type of job possible, giving him well rounded experience. From hippo habitats at the Milwaukee Zoo to cabinetry at multi-story hospitals, Ryan’s diverse jobs covered all aspects of construction.

In the spring of 2012, Mortenson asked Ryan to relocate to Lincoln, Nebraska to help them out with an arena project that they were struggling to find quality carpenters for. Ryan accepted and spent a year and a half working on the Pinnacle Bank Arena, home of the Huskers, and seeing it through to its completion.

After Pinnacle Bank Arena, came another sports facility offer from Mortenson. This time it was an even bigger project – The Minnesota Vikings NFL Stadium. Again, Ryan accepted. During his time at the stadium, Ryan took on a different role of surveyor, which entailed providing the crucial points for poured in place concrete, steel, precast concrete, and interior finish scopes of work. This experience once again expanded his skill set.

While working for the Vikings project, in September 2014, Ryan’s and his girlfriend, Hannah, decided it was time for a new adventure. Hannah, whom Ryan had met while working together in Lincoln, Nebraska, wanted to move back to her home state of Montana. By that September it seemed clear to both that Montana was the place they wanted to be, so they made the move.

No longer working for Mortenson, Ryan gave long thought to what he wanted to do next. Although he liked the recognition of the bigger jobs, Ryan felt it was more fulfilling to work for private owners on a smaller scale. To work with an owner to build exactly what they want and be able to walk away knowing that that owner loves what he built for them is ultimately what Ryan wanted to do. That’s how Deer Mountain Construction was created – as a means for Ryan to do what he loves most, help owners create the projects they’ve been dreaming of.

Since moving to Montana, Ryan and Hannah have gotten married and started a small family, relocated to Butte and Deer Mountain Construction has become a successful company, providing work we stand behind for all of our many customers.

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